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Surface Noise


Sometimes a best of is exactly what’s needed.

This will be on later.


Today’s record.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More For From The Road


October 20th 1977

Gone, but not forgotten.

And the selection from There’s One In Every Crowd

Eric Clapton - Swing Low Sweet Chariot

This week’s album

Eric Clapton - There’s One In Every Crowd

Bit of Friday afternoon digging in Oxfam Book Store in Belfast. Result.


There is literally never a bad time for this album.

Thursday. Other People’s Vinyl.

And the video

Transvision Vamp - The Only One

A day late for the Tuesday Single, due to watching Northern Ireland play the best football ever seen last night.

Transvision Vamp - The Only One

And the selection from Love Over Gold

Dire Straits - Telegraph Road